Welcome to the Food and Agriculture Influence Feed from Zoetis, a biweekly report rounding up the top topics in food and agriculture, as determined by the most influential voices from across the industry. We closely follow prominent researchers, channel executives, government officials, journalists and activists. These reports intend to capture the pulse of the issues facing food and agriculture today, with a special focus on the poultry business.

We take a look at the issues that may define the critical discussions influencers will have in 2014. Many of these were first introduced last month and have continued to resonate into the new year. The most prominent of these is the ongoing conversation about antibiotic resistance and animal agriculture’s alleged role in this public health threat. Recent federal restrictions on antibiotic use and a widespread Salmonella outbreak have called attention to the issue — as well as the poultry industry’s ongoing improvements and commitment to maintaining health standards. Influencers also paid attention to recent positive developments in both the American diet and a 2014 Farm Bill.