Month: September 2014

Legislation and Legal Action

In recent days, influencers have weighed in regarding presidential oversight, reported health risks and production practices for antibiotic use. That’s stirred passionate thoughts about regulation and best corporate practices.

Passions also flared on other topics, such as “Meatless Mondays” in school lunches and regulation of waterways. Even pumpkin spice couldn’t escape scrutiny. You’ll find reactions to these issues and others in this edition of Influence Feed.

Causes, criticism and caution

Even around the Labor Day weekend, there was no holiday from debate over the substantive issues facing our food industry.

Take a New Yorker piece on environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva, whose global campaign against genetically modified crops prompted reaction, reflection and rebuttal. Or consider legislative efforts to address the drought in California through water regulation. Although the legislation gained support in government, the focus on regulating groundwater use will result in family farmers and ranchers “dealing with the consequences of the legislation for years to come,” as one California farm leader pointed out.

Causes and solutions are seldom black and white. You’ll find some deep reflection on the details in this edition of the Influence Feed.