Month: October 2014

Food Chain Transparency

Two of the nation’s largest companies are making moves to bolster their reputations in the food business, and that’s generating plenty of reaction among influencers. One fast food giant is taking the veil off of its production processes, and one retail giant is supporting sustainability efforts while promoting steps toward selling healthier affordable food.

See who’s making the moves and what leading commentators are saying about them in this installment of Influence Feed.

Antibiotics Draw Attention

Influencers heavily discussed a government report indicating the use of antibiotics in food animals increased by 16 percent in recent years. Additionally, Tyson Foods, Inc. announced that its hatcheries are free of antibiotics and California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would regulate antibiotics in livestock. Meanwhile, a Harvard University study questioning the validity of claims that antibiotics use in food-producing animals poses human health risks received little attention.

Look for the latest commentary shaping the industry in this installment of Influence Feed.