Month: November 2014

Measuring The Midterms

Influencers chimed in on the Nov. 4 midterm election results, as battles for congressional seats and state and local ballot measures resolved. Ballots determined not only who would fill the seats of congress, but also several measures related to food and agriculture at the state and local levels.

In addition, newly-filed lawsuits drew attention to ractopamine and mayonnaise, while activist groups highlighted the idea of a National Food Policy, Gov. Chris Christie’s upcoming decision regarding sow housing, and the new GMO potato. See how various voices vied for political and legal control of the food and agriculture debate in this edition of Influence Feed.

Preparing for the Polls

Some big ballot issues hang in the balance today, Election Day. The decisions voters make could affect how people drink and how they eat. See which cities and which issues have influencers talking.

You’ll also want to check out reaction to a University of Missouri study that asserts a combination of three common items can increase absorption of bisphenol A (BPA).

Find insight on these items and others in this edition of Influence Feed.