Month: January 2015

Strengthening Standards

The new year is bringing new issues and fresh debates to the food industry. Chicken producers are operating under new food safety standards. Chipotle is drawing attention to its own supplier guidelines, which are affecting its menu. And the Food Tank Summit stimulated plenty of opinions on the most pressing needs for the food system.

See reactions to these issues and more in this installment of Influence Feed.

2014 Year End Retrospective

This edition of Influence Feed highlights the most highly discussed topics from the second half of 2014 as well as providing recent insight from our influencers. After processing tens of thousands of communications, certain subjects dominated conversations among influencers: sustainability, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic food, food regulation and foodborne illness. Below are some of the highlights of each topic since July.

Also covered in this edition are highlights from recent stories. California made headlines with the implementation of space requirements for egg-laying hens and the lifting of a ban on foie gras; trade relations with Cuba are thawing; and President Obama signed off on legislation known as the “Cromnibus.”