Month: February 2015

Diet, Deregulation and Drones

It’s a good time for cholesterol, in the sense that foods high in cholesterol might not be viewed as quite the scourge they once were. Newly revised dietary guidelines are attracting plenty of influencer reaction, not only because of the new perspective on cholesterol but also the call for diets heavier on plant-based food and lighter on meat. Which sounds like the perfect occasion for an apple, right? That depends on whom you ask. See why one kind of apple in particular is getting a lot of attention.

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Food Safety: Oversight and Perceptions

What’s the best way to enforce food safety rules? Proposals from legislators and the White House to overhaul the nation’s regulatory system have ignited plenty of discussion. And it appears more discussion is needed among scientists and the general public, based on a new poll that shows a massive gap in opinion on issues regarding science, engineering and technology. Influencers weigh in on why that’s happening and whether it’s a concern.

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