Month: July 2015

Congress Takes on GMO Labeling

Influencers weighed in on a mounting battle in Congress involving proposed legislation that would preempt states from GMO labels on foods. Meanwhile, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is taking some heat after naming a new overseas supplier of pork. Plus, see why influencers continue to discuss avian flu in this edition of Influence Feed.


This edition of Influence Feed ranks the most highly discussed topics from the past six months as well as recent insight from our influencers. Commitments from large food companies and analysis from various nongovernmental organizations drove influencer conversations of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides. Regulatory action enflamed debates about agricultural policies and practices. Meanwhile, drought in California served as a consistent backdrop for commentary on agriculture in the United States.

In recent events, influencers have turned to Washington to address concerns about the health of humans and of poultry: Poultry farmers aired grievances regarding the handling of the avian flu epidemic; a nutrition study called for a reduction in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages; and the prepared food industry applauded a relaxed deadline on menu labeling.

Trade, Trans Fats and a Papal Treatise

In a move that streamlined trade negotiations, Congress granted the White House fast-track authority on making trade deals, sparking strong commentaries on all sides of the issue. Beyond trade, trans fats took a blow and the pope offered a tempered view of modern agriculture practices. See how influencers reacted to these developments in this installment of Influence Feed.