Month: September 2015

Trends in Transparency

The public interest in food — where it comes from and how it’s made — has created such a groundswell of demand for transparency, it’s spreading to all corners of the industry. Most recently, media interest in the people behind the food industry is putting academia in the spotlight. See why a series of emails has prompted scrutiny regarding the relationship between food industry groups and academics. You also can read more about the impact of the nation’s largest fast-food chain announcing its intentions to use eggs raised cage-free.

The Beef Over Ground Beef

The latest flurry of reports regarding what we eat includes an investigation by Consumer Reports regarding production standards for ground beef. In other food debates, you can read about reaction to a government warning for labeling claims made by the makers of Just Mayo. And see comments by McDonald’s Corporation and Mercy For Animals regarding the practices of a Tennessee poultry supplier accused of animal mistreatment.