Category: Foodborne Illness

Product Recalls and Worker Conditions

Food safety returned to the spotlight when a series of recalls led to more than 50 million pounds of food being pulled from shelves. A recent report examining poultry plant working conditions raised concerns about the human impact of meat processing. Additionally, the FDA is re-evaluating some controversial labeling claims. Read about these topics and more in this edition of Influence Feed.

Chipotle Struggles, SmartLabels and Climate Talks

There is no shortage of influencer activity as 2015 draws to a close. Chipotle returned to the forefront of influencer conversations with a second round of foodborne illnesses. The Grocery Manufacturers Association’s SmartLabel and the Paris Climate Conference also garnered remarkable levels of attention. In addition, the “In Brief” section reflects a flurry of activity, covering an extra five topics.

Antibiotics Progress and Climate Stewardship

National and international groups are working with stakeholders to develop better strategies for tackling complex food issues. In the United States, antibiotic stewardship is drawing industry feedback. Meanwhile, food waste and climate change are prompting commitments from food companies and governments in preparation for United Nations (U.N.) resolutions. Read about these efforts and more in this edition of Influence Feed.

“Ag-gag” in Idaho and GMO “Right to Know”

In recent weeks, activist groups have reinforced a push for greater transparency in the food and agriculture industries. In a ruling that animal rights groups touted as a victory for free speech, a judge overturned Idaho’s “ag-gag” law. Meanwhile, celebrities lobbied the Senate concerning labeling foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). See why each side of these issues questioned the other’s motivations in this edition of Influence Feed.

N.C. “Ag-Gag” and S.F. Sugar Labels

Two pieces of legislation recently approved in different parts of the country are testing the boundaries of what is considered protection in the food and agriculture industry. And influencers are reacting. In North Carolina, a new law gives civil protection to companies when someone gains access to record and publicize information about its operations. In San Francisco, a health warning on sugary beverages aims to protect consumer health. See why influencers are speaking out about the measures in this edition of Influence Feed.

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Pathogens, Pollinators and Additives

A high-profile TV report that focused on Salmonella in chicken raised questions about the nation’s food safety system and who is responsible. A major restaurant chain is removing ingredients in an effort to promote transparency. Additionally, one of the country’s largest poultry processors adopted a new standard for antibiotic use. See where influencers focused most of their scrutiny in this edition of Influence Feed.

Food Safety: Oversight and Perceptions

What’s the best way to enforce food safety rules? Proposals from legislators and the White House to overhaul the nation’s regulatory system have ignited plenty of discussion. And it appears more discussion is needed among scientists and the general public, based on a new poll that shows a massive gap in opinion on issues regarding science, engineering and technology. Influencers weigh in on why that’s happening and whether it’s a concern.

You’ll find reaction to these issues and more in this installment of Influence Feed.

Strengthening Standards

The new year is bringing new issues and fresh debates to the food industry. Chicken producers are operating under new food safety standards. Chipotle is drawing attention to its own supplier guidelines, which are affecting its menu. And the Food Tank Summit stimulated plenty of opinions on the most pressing needs for the food system.

See reactions to these issues and more in this installment of Influence Feed.

2014 Year End Retrospective

This edition of Influence Feed highlights the most highly discussed topics from the second half of 2014 as well as providing recent insight from our influencers. After processing tens of thousands of communications, certain subjects dominated conversations among influencers: sustainability, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic food, food regulation and foodborne illness. Below are some of the highlights of each topic since July.

Also covered in this edition are highlights from recent stories. California made headlines with the implementation of space requirements for egg-laying hens and the lifting of a ban on foie gras; trade relations with Cuba are thawing; and President Obama signed off on legislation known as the “Cromnibus.”

Serving Up Discussion

Thanksgiving marked a celebration of views for influencers, who used the holiday to examine hot-button issues in food production. In addition to the turkey talk, there was plenty of buzz about new rules requiring calorie-count information from chain restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery and convenience stores that sell prepared foods for takeout. You’ll also want to see the food industry reaction to President Obama’s executive order to protect undocumented workers from deportation. Find these issues and more in this edition of Influence Feed.